Research - Aanya Khaira, Caden Wakefield, 
Mia Florence Hendricks-Matsuda, Scott Carlson 
Design - Aanya Khaira

Inspired by boxing wraps to find the perfect form and fit, VIDA emphasizes ease of use through intuitive interactions and comfortable ergonomics. Addressing a gap in the market, this infant pulse oximeter enhances your daily life through constant monitoring that enables you to sleep peacefully.
4 weeks (Winter '22)

Design a pulse oximeter with a specific use case. 

Market Research, User Centered Design, Rhino, Keyshot
Motivated by the market opportunity to create clear, intuitive, and aesthetic health care products for infants, VIDA explores how we can intertwine thoughtful ergonomics with function in an artful way. 
Existing designs demonstrate minimal consideration for long term wear and comfort resulting in disruptive products and inaccurate data collection. 
Inspired by the design and fit of boxing wraps, the form refinement explored ergonomics to maximize both fit and function. More specifically, comfort for long term wear and positioning for accurate readings. 
CMF considerations emphasized soft forms and silicone for easy cleaning. The organic shapes enable ergonomic optimizations while creating a friendly and approachable form.
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